I Wrote a Letter to Myself

When I was in yoga teacher training, I wrote a letter to myself.  I wrote it at the end of the training in May 2017.  I had completed my second time in a treatment center for Alcohol use & abuse.  I think the chardonnay and I were taking turns being the abusers at the time.  I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training while finding my place in recovery and the world.  The letter went like this:

“Dear me,

Hello! Hopefully you are finding this letter at a time when you need it and are smiling.  You have completed your 200 hour yoga teacher training that you never thought you were going to do- so go you! Remember life for you is now like that.  You have been changed forever, nothing is the same. Well, except you.  You really are just now you.  No attachment to the lie that you are unloveable, no attachment to your past, no fear of looking in the mirror at you.

The Universe brought you to this journey and it will keep helping you go wherever you want as long as you stay true and present to your heart.  Your heart now guides you alongside the universe and alongside your husband who is there always for you. He is there to help teach you the lessons you need to know to keep moving in the right directions.

Love the people you are with that are next to you in the room always.  Don’t lose that connection.  Get after those goals! Stay with it. Teach to each and every.  This is not for you- it’s a gift you now get to give to the world, rejoice in that!  Stay in the glow and bliss of it all. You are forever loveable.


Self xxoooo”

After reading that letter to myself I giggled.  And cried.  Since I wrote that letter, I opened my own business that is geared towards helping others find their truth through mindfulness, movement and yoga, I got certified to teach POUND and teach it Cape wide, I celebrated a year sober, I started a writing coaching program with Anna David and my book proposal of my memoir will be completed by May, I officially adopted my beautiful daughter in November, I co-founded True You Wellness, I was featured for the first time on a recovery podcast (being published soon), I teach 10 different fitness classes a week to children and adults and I freakin love it.

Write yourself a letter and don’t be afraid to say what you know will light your life on fire.  I didn’t hold back in that letter, I wrote to my soul and my heart and they heard it loud and clear.  It really can be a hard thing to no longer look back at your past or to accept that yes- even you are lovable.  The tougher thing is never letting go, so I invite you to as I so eloquently said to myself “Stay in the bliss and glow of it all” . Enjoy the ride my friends.  Enjoy.









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