What’s up?  Welcome to the writing and mind of Ayanna.  You will find lots of thought provoking, outside the box, bold, crass, and different opinions in these words and writings.  I can’t promise to be clean or even agree with much but I do promise to be honest, authentic, passionate and at times very humorous. Some of my thoughts may even upset you but the intention is not to hurt- it is to provoke your own thoughts and challenge what it is that you truly believe.  Somewhere in there inspiration will be born one way or the other.  Themes will center around the sober life, the history of mine, life as a yogi and my love hate relationship with it, adoption and my heartbreak for the child welfare system,  making real change and living through love and what it means to show up in life.  I invite you on this journey with me and to yes, B FREE.

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