Becoming FREE Challenge & Change in 30 days by Tammy L. Tansey


Challenge and change=FREEDOM!  You are invited to hear the beautiful words written by Tammy, a POUND lover and winner of  the Cape Cod 30 day POUND challenge. Be inspired by her words and as always #BFREE
I am a mom of three a step son(28) and two daughters (25 and 22)one to which is very medically involved and complex! So no lack of big stress in my life! I am from Cape Cod Massachusetts. I found pound in the end of January of this year and at first, it looked so very cool, and always thought I’d love to try it. Myself  and two friends of mine were really challenging ourselves to try new things even belly dancing, however SO NOT FOR ME!   To each her own right? We tried, and that was that!

We found poundfit and said “oh yah let’s do this!” Now both of my friends exercise, but me? I had NO time to exercise even though all our kids except for my medically fragile kid were all grown  or on their way to being on their own or entering college. So we tried it and I really liked the concept but wasn’t sure I could do the fast paced moves.   We all loved the first class and said “yah i can do this again”, even though through the classes I’d get a little frazzled not being able to keep up, I wasn’t going to give up! I suddenly got this sense of determination that I was going to get this and I wasn’t ever going to GIVE UP!!! I went each and every Wednesday never missing a one, Ayanna our instructor was sooooooo inspiring to me that I wanted what she had, happiness, a fit body, and the will power to keep going ,no matter what life threw at you!
I am not a pound pro, my instructor is and I’ve learned so much from her it’s crazy! When the 30 day challenge came up on Instagram and Facebook my instructor said let’s do it, so me, my two friends, and the instructor Ayanna, and a few others decided to do it at the same time keeping us close in check and accountable to each other running the same way you did your challenge, we followed everything you did but did it in a smaller Facebook page that had I think about 32 members, we still  commented on your posts following along with the challenge of the week, sharing recipes and choosing kindness, all of it!

It was the best thing ever I could have done for myself, I since have lost 12lbs, and many inches all around my body I’m super energized and I’m now taking 2 pound classes a week! My arms are getting so jacked and I feel so good and proud that I actually have stuck with something longer than a month! I did pound almost everyday during the challenge along with walking, and pounding  with friends at home! I couldn’t or wouldn’t have been able to do this if it weren’t for my dedicated instructor, two friends, and of course this challenge, you made it worth while.   I even go to classes when my friends can’t  which was a big deal for me. In the past I’d never do that, so I’ve also gained confidence. I learned to change my eating habits just by cutting down on portions and choosing better choices for myself!
I met Ayanna and got to learn about her journey with poundfit, how she became an instructor, and how it saved her life. I’ve since met other people in our classes, I always tell them give this a try don’t give up no matter what, keep going it gets easier and we are all here to help encourage, adding a little humor along the way as well!  Ayanna thought it would be fun to have a prize for the loudest and someone who encouraged others and thrived through the whole 30 days! (I was like oh yah baby that’s gonna be me!)  I did it I WON our own little mini challenge, so I wanted to enter into your as well because this has literally changed my life for the better! I wouldn’t change a thing and would love to tell the world how much pound can do for them too! I still go to both my classes posting all the time to Facebook encouraging others to come try it, it may be addicting, and fun while at the same time healing your body and getting fit!! I hope I’m a good contender in your challenge, it’s been the best ride of my life so far and I’m not about to get off this train! Most of all I am taking good care of me, something I haven’t done in a long time.
Thank you for opening up the worlds eyes, and helping me along the way. It truly has changed me for the better!#poundfit #makesomenoise #onbeataroundtheworld #lovinglifeonebeatatatime #poundoutyourstress #changeyourways #stickingtoit #choosekindness #lovingpoundfit

Thanks again,
Tammy Tansey👊🏻💪🏻⚓️

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